Note: This method will also work with DV2762 model Draytek router.

Although the DV2760 has 3 WAN port definitions it is considered a single WAN device i.e. only a single WAN port can be active at any one time. 

By default WAN2 is disabled as the physical port (P4) is a part of the 4 port LAN switch but you can enable this port for use with UFB if required. 

NOTE: When WAN2 is enabled, LAN P4 port will be used as WAN2 (UFB) so before you start disconnect anything currently plugged into that port.

To enable WAN2 for UFB

Login in to the web based management of your router (factory default

  • Navigate to to WAN2 settings under "WAN>>General Setup"
  • Enable the service and add any appropriate VLAN tagging (if required)
  • Make sure the 'Active Mode' is set to 'Always On'
  • Click OK (a reboot is then required to enact the above change, once this step is completed it is safe to connect P4 (LAN port #4) to your UFB transceiver/ONT)



After the reboot has completed reconnect to the web management interface and set up any PPPoE requirements

  • Navigate to "WAN >> Internet Access"
  • Set the access Mode to "PPPoE" 
  • Click on 'Details Page' 


  • Set the PPPoE as 'Enabled'
  • Set your PPPoE username and password that the ISP have supplied you
  • Click OK (another reboot is then prompted)


  • After the reboot has completed, navigate to the "Online Status>>Physical Connection" section & check the "WAN2 2 Status".
  • If everything is working you should have an IP address allocated & the text in the status screen is green.
  • All things going well you should now be able to connect to the Internet


Lastly, you can optionally also disable the DSL WAN interface to stop the router from constantly checking the DSL interface for a live connection.