Fritz!Box routers with a dedicated ethernet WAN or shared WAN/LAN port such as the 7330, 7340, 7360, 7490 and 7581 models are able to have that port configured for an Ethernet WAN connection such as UFB.  Following is the suggested method to configure that connection.  For devices with a combined WAN/LAN port, where the WAN port is referenced below that will refer to LAN1 on that device instead.

IMPORTANT : Ensure that the firmware of the Fritz!Box is updated to the latest available version as early as possible to take advantage of the new features and cosmetic improvements.  This guide is based on firmware version 6.80.

Initial setup

After attaching a new Fritz!Box router as per the included Quick Guide you can browse to it at or if you have previously set it as "Connecting to a Cable Modem" then it may be available at instead.

Out of the box or after a factory reset you'll be prompted to select your language then enter the Fritz!Box password found on the label on the back or underside of the router and click Next. Select your country and then click Next to allow the router to restart with appropriate regional settings.  That will take about 2 minutes.

Don't follow the Wizard

If you're presented with the "Configure Internet" or "Set Up Internet Connection" Wizard you can safely Cancel out of that and Exit Wizard.

Exit the Wizard

From the side menu go to Internet > Account information

Set Internet service provider as "Other Internet service provider" and give it a name. eg. The name of your ISP.

Connect via : "Connection to an external modem or router"

Operating mode : "Establish own connection to the Internet"

Account information - Is account information required? : 

  • Most NZ ISPs require PPPoE user credentials so set this to "Yes" then enter the  username and password by your ISP. IN the case of Spark this can be set as with a password of password.  
  • Some NZ ISPs such as some Vodafone connections use DHCP rather than PPPoE so in that case set this option to "No".

Connection Settings : If you know the expected Downstream and Upstream speeds being provided by your ISP enter them here.  If you don't intend to use bandwidth throttling or if you're on "Gigabit fibre" you can set both of these values to 1000000.

Click Change connection settings Change connection settings

Internet Connection : "Maintain permanently"

If your ISP requires a VLAN tag for internet access, most NZ Chorus connections do and use a value of 10, enable and set that here.

IP Settings, this will be available only if you've not entered account information : Set it to "Obtain the IP address automatically (DHCP)" unless you have a specific requirement to set this manually.

Click Apply and wait for the internet connection to be established then click OK and wait for it to be checked.  If the connection fails go back to check your settings match what is required by your ISP.


Here is an example of typical settings for an NZ UFB connection...