The Fritz!Box routers with a WAN/LAN port such as the 7330, 7340, 7360, 7490 and 7581 models are able to have that port configured for an Ethernet WAN connection such as UFB.  There are a few settings that should be checked to get the most out of that connection.

These models have a setting under Internet > Account information > Connection Settings > Data throughput that defines the maximum up and download speed of the WAN interface. This is used for QoS / Bandwidth throttling. To get the maximum out of these routers set those values to match the up and download speeds of your WAN Ethernet connection. If you are unsure of the provided speed, are not using bandwidth management or want to preset these values to accommodate a future upgrade, set them both at 999999. Note, it is preferred to set these values at the actual provided speed of your WAN connection when possible.

On the 7340, 7360 and 7490 you will need to set the LAN ports to be in Power mode if you wish them to run at 1Gbps instead of 100mbps. Set this under Home Network > Network > Network Settings > LAN Settings when in Advanced view. Advanced/Standard view mode can be selected at the bottom of any configuration page.

Note : 

The 7330 has a 100mbps LAN port so is restricted to that speed at the most. 

The 7340, 7360 and 7490 have 1Gbps WAN and LAN ports so can achieve higher speeds and are suitable for a 200/200 connection.