Using a telephone to send keypad sequences to a telephony provider

You can use keypad sequences (combinations of characters and numbers, for example *50#) to activate and configure services offered by your telephony provider (for example voice mailbox, call diversion) in the provider's exchange.

1 Configuring a telephone to use the keypad function

The following steps are only necessary if the cordless telephone is not registered to the FRITZ!Box's base station:

Note: If you are using a telephone that is registered to the base station of your FRITZ!Box (for example FRITZ!Fon C5), you do not have to configure it to use the keypad function.

  • Configure the devices so that you can dial special characters (such as * and #) or send keypad sequences (sequences of symbols and digits, such as *121#) with them.

    Note: Many Gigaset telephones can be configured as follows: Select "Operation at a PBX" from the telephone's menu, then select "Dialing options" and enable the option "Dial * and #".

2 Sending a keypad sequence

  1. Enter *#[keypad sequence] (for example *#*50#) on your telephone.
  2. Press the call key (lift the receiver).
  3. Hang up again.

    Important: If you wish to use a keypad sequence to configure a service for a specific telephone number, then the telephone must be able to make calls using that number.