1. All handsets in the BLF group MUST co-exist behind the same NAT router
  2. BLF is switched OFF by default, this must be enabled in the 2talk portal under "Presence & BLF "
  3. All BLF group members must be a part of the same 2talk account
More info is available at the 2talk blog

Example setup (Panasonic HDV330 series):
  1. Under "VoIP>>SIP Settings>>Line X"  set the presence server setting to
  2. Under "Telephone>>Flexible Key Settings" set flexible keys with the remote subscribers where Type = BLF, Parameter = remote subscriber (phone number), Label Name = short desc. E.g. Type=BLF, Parameter=0282551XXX, Label Name=Bobs Phone.

NOTE: the 2talk BLF settings on Panasonic phone only require the (full) phone number of the endpoint. No domain required. E.g. 0282551XXX (this is different to the Yealinks that also require the SIP domain i.e.

Some pictures:

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3. Testing

Call an extension and make sure it lights up. There's usually 1 or 2 seconds latency but the BLF should flash on ringing & stay on when on a call. Phone going off hook will not cause BLF to light up.