By default Panasonic handsets come as a blank canvas and you need to program all parameters such as NZ regional settings QoS markers etc and there is no way permanently enable the Web UI. To make this easier for SnapperNet customers you can use some pre-written provisioning files to have uniform settings and Web UI enabled by default.

To apply these settings simply enable the 'Embedded Web' on your phone, web browse to the IP address and add the URL which matches your phone model below into the provisioning section, save and then reboot.

Most models only need the URL '' (note the trailing slash on the short URL). 

The full URLs are below if you want to download and customise yourself. 


The following settings are made upon reboot:

  • Web UI permanently enabled
  • NZ timezone and sync to
  • NZ dialtones and cadences
  • DSCP QoS markers for RTP and SIP
  • NAT keep alive 120 seconds
  • E111 number set


Example below for a KX-HDV130 handset

An easy way to check to make sure the settings have taken is if the Web UI is available immediately after a reboot.

NOTE: This is a one time provisioning. If you want to reapply the settings a factory reset is required then re apply the provisioning URL as above. You can safely remove the URL once you are finished as well.