To configure an ethernet WAN equipped Draytek router for UFB (fibre) access check the following settings.  Some New Zealand ISPs will use different settings. If you're having difficulty connecting you should confirm with your ISP what their specific requirements are.  The notes below are typical for the majority of New Zealand ISPs.

1. Be sure that under WAN > General Setup > WAN1 that you have enabled VLAN tag insertion and set the tag value to 10.

2. Set Physical Type on that same screen to Auto. There are some NTU/ONT that are provided by telcos that require the Physical Type to be set specifically to 100M full duplex. Only change that if you do not get a link speed negotiated with the NTU/ONT.

3. Under WAN > Internet access WAN1 can be configured with PPPoE or DHCP settings as provided by your ISP.  

PPPoE is most common in New Zealand and if you are with Spark you can use their defaults of Vodafone and some other ISPs may use DHCP instead of PPPoE. Check with your provider to confirm which method they use.

Note: For xDSL enabled dual WAN routers such as the DV2760, DV2762, DV2860 and DV2862 WAN1 referred to above will instead be WAN2.