Configure your computer’s network

Connect your computer to the Vigor2765 with an Ethernet cable (supplied). Ensure your computer is obtaining an IP address automatically via DHCP.

Connect to the Web Interface

Open your Web Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), enter into the address bar, and press the Enter key on your keyboard.


You should be asked for a username and password. Enter admin into both fields (the password may show as dots or stars) and click the Login button.

Run the Quick Start Wizard

On the left-hand navigation menu, click Wizards and then Quick Start Wizard.

Choose a new login password - you will use this to log into the Web Interface in future. Enter the current password (admin) into the Old Password field.  Enter your new password into the New and Confirm Password fields and click Next >

Note: The passwords may show as dots or stars

In the WAN Interface section you can leave all settings as default unless you are connecting to VDSL on a Chorus line in which case you must enable VLAN Tag insertion and set the Tag value to 10, then click Next >


Set the Protocol to PPPoE / PPPoA

Note: Some VDSL connections (eg. some provided by Vodafone) require this set to MPoA / Static or Dynamic IP.

For ADSL, set Encapsulation to PPPoA VC MUX

For VDSL, set Encapsulation to PPPoE LLC/SNAP or 1483 Routed IP LLC for abovementioned Vodafone VDSL.

Set VPI to 0, VCI to 100 and click Next > 


Enter the username and password provided to you by your Internet Service Provider if prompted. Username is often in the form of an email address. The password will need to be entered into both the Password and Confirm Password fields. Note: All fields are case sensitive. Click Next >


Confirm your settings and click Finish. The router will restart.

Check your connection by logging back in to the router as above with your newly assigned password. Click Online Status then Physical connection. Check the WAN 1 Status section to be sure that you now have an IP and GW IP assigned.