There have been reports of ADSL not syncing correctly on the DV130 with firmware version 3.7.5 or above. This how-to will require a firmware reflash and settings change. Please proceed only if you have experienced this problem and understand what you are doing.

Firmware update with reset

Use the firmware upgrade utility and guide found on the Draytek downloads page to apply the .RST (reset) firmware version 3.7.6 or above, also available on the download page to the DV130.

Force DSL mode to be ADSL

Log in to the router's web interface.

From the left hand menu click on Internet Access then General Setup.

Next to DSL Mode, change the setting to ADSL only.

Click OKĀ and allow the router to restart.

Once it has restarted continue to configure the router as per usual (see the quick start guide).