Author: Byron Paul

Date: 17/10/2023

Cellular and Starlink internet connections all operate behind CGNAT and sometimes there's no option but to place your Draytek router behind another router so you're stuck without a public address to connect a site-to-site or dial up VPN. 

Draytek have a no cost service a called VPN Matcher to work around this limitation. The limitation is a maximum device number of 8 per account. A 'device' includes router(s) and/or PC devices using the Draytek SmartVPN client which is available for Windows, MacOS and Mobile.

Example Site-To-Site overview. In this example only 2 'devices' are using the matcher service, the devices inside the LAN do not count towards the device count.

For examples of how to set up and use this service please check the links below: