Vodafone NZ often provide their VoIP services via an analogue port on the back of their own, often a Huawei brand, router.  This is a built-in Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) for which the settings are often obscured. Often when replacing these routers with a Draytek you would transfer the ATA settings to a standalone ATA or an IP phone or IP PBX.  This is not possible if the settings for the VoIP service are not available or if the site is continuing to use analog handsets.  Fortunately there is an easy method to allow the ISP supplied router to continue to function as an ATA while the Draytek takes over the gateway, routing and firewall functions for the rest of the network.

Using a 4 port ethernet WAN router such as the Vigor 2120 (now superseded by the Vigor 2133) as an example, the method is as follows.

  • Configure the Draytek as per usual as the Internet facing router.

  • From LAN >> VLAN, Enable VLAN configuration and:
         - On the VLAN0 row check P1, P2 & P3 (+ any Wireless SSID's) and select LAN1 as the Subnet.
         - On the VLAN1 row check P4, select LAN1 as the Subnet, enable VLAN tag and add a VID of 10.  This will make Port 4 a tagged interface with a VLAN tag value of 10.

  • Connect the ISP provided router's WAN port to LAN port 4 of the Draytek.  This should allow the ISP supplied router to get an IP Address from the DrayTek using VLAN 10 as it normally would when connected directly to the ONT.


You may need to change the LAN Address and disable wireless on the ISP provided router to a subnet outside the LAN segment of the DrayTek.