Orbi Pro routers can be connected directly to an ONT and support PPPoE or DHCP with VLAN tag but only if you are managing directly via the local console, it cannot be done remotely in the Insight cloud management platform (yet).

Login into the router to its management address as the admin user. 

  1. Go to the ADVANCED tab
  2. Expand 'Advanced Seup'
  3. Go to 'VLAN / Bridge Settings'
  4. Add a new VLAN definition
  5. VLAN settings are Name=UFB, VLAN ID=10, no client isolation, no network isolation
  6. Apply the new config
  7. Set the WAN port to the new profile UFB and leave in trunk mode
  8. Apply the configuration

You can then set either DHCP or PPPoE credentials in the basic settings tab to connect to the internet