You may have heard recently of a 0Day exploit that affects DrayTek routers.

DrayTek have provided update firmware for most router models to address the security issue.

The firmware can be downloaded from 

Updated firmware versions listed below: 

Vigor120, version

Vigor122, version

Vigor130, version

VigorNIC 132, version

Vigor2120 Series, version

Vigor2132, version

Vigor2133, version

Vigor2760D, version

Vigor2762, version

Vigor2832, version

Vigor2860, version 3.8.8

Vigor2862, version

Vigor2862B, version

Vigor2912, version

Vigor2925, version

Vigor2926, version

Vigor2952, version

Vigor3220, version

VigorBX2000, version

VigorIPPBX2820, version

VigorIPPBX3510, version

Vigor2830nv2, version

Vigor2820, version

Vigor2710, version

Vigro2110, version

Vigro2830sb, version

Vigor2850, version

Vigor2920, version

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