With MikroTik routers there are 2 steps that are required to upgrade the RouterOS & Firmware version.

To upgrade the RouterOS package you can either:

* Use the "Check for Updates" button found under "System, Packages" menu

* Download the appropriate .npk file from MikroTiks web site and copy it to the "Files" folder in the appliance & reboot.


Once this step has been completed you will now need to check, and upgrade the Firmware version on the device.

From Winbox or the Web GUI go to "System, Routerboard" and make sure the following fields are on the same version:

* Current Firmware

* Upgrade Firmware

If they are not then click the "Upgrade" button and reboot the device (System, Reboot")

Once the device has restarted both the Firmware and RouterOS versions should be up to date.