Sometimes a UAP with an older version of firmware might not upgrade successfully with a much newer version of the Unifi controller.  Follow these steps to successfully upgrade the firmware manually.

  • Download the newer firmware upgrade file, eg.
  • Copy the upgrade .bin file to "%USERPROFILE%\Ubiquiti Unifi\webapps\ROOT" on the controller PC (Windows).
    On a linux based controller put the upgrade file into /usr/lib/unifi/webapps/ROOT
  • Determine the IP address of the controller PC, eg. in this example, check that it responds to a ping.
  • Ensure that the Unifi Controller is running and open the UI. eg browse to 
  • Plug in the UAP, let it boot and be detected by the controller or reply to ping on its IP address
  • Use PuTTY to SSH to the IP address of the UAP and accept the security alert for new RSA key fingerprint
  • Login using ubnt for both the username and password 
  • Issue the following command, note that this will vary depending on the controller IP address and the version number of the upgrade file...
      upgrade http://[Controller IP address]:8080/[firmware filename]
      eg. upgrade
  • The cursor will go to the next line but there will be a delay while the UAP collects the firmware upgrade file and starts to apply it. Be patient.
  • When the UAP is ready to restart there might be a shutdown now message appear in your PuTTY session. Alternatively it will simply stop replying to pings while it reboots.
  • After the UAP has rebooted and been detected again by the controller check in the controller that the detected firmware version now matches that which has just been applied.  eg.

This method will also work to upgrade a USG or a Unifi switch.