Caution : Advanced and officially unsupported feature.

The TA800 port status shows all phone statuses as "Faulty" when first viewed after a reboot and before being refreshed when it will display the correct status. Thereafter it will show the correct status.  While this is a purely display issue and not an actual fault it can be misleading for a user or technician viewing that status page.  To cause the TA800 to automatically refresh this information after a reboot implement the following permanent script. This may need to be reapplied after a factory reset or firmware upgrade.

SSH to the unit with Default credentials : root / ys123456

Add a script to the persistent storage with:

vi /persistent/
Fill in with the following content: ( I to insert )
sleep 180
asterisk -rx "fxs set phone detect all"

Quit and save the file. ( :wq )

Add permission for the file.

chmod +x /persistent/

Finally, reboot the TA800.  After 3 mins of the boot the port connection will update.