You can use any h.264 (or h.263+) capable SIP video endpoint to communicate with the Mobotix DoorStation T25/T24. Below is a quick guide on configuring the Yealink SIP-T49G video phone for use with the DoorStation.


  1. The T24 & T25 do not hardware offload for h.264 encoding so the resolution is restrained at VGA resolution. Your actual resolution from the camera is much better than this, it's only when connected over a SIP call that this restriction is in place. Use an MxDisplay, MxManagementCentre etc for higher resolutions & eventstream capabilities.
  2. You will still need to have run through the 'auto config' on the Door Station to prepare the environment properly. Even if you don't have any accessories or other components connected it is the auto set up that links the bell button for use which we want to use.

To check the DoorStation has been run through the auto set up procedure go to "Admin>>Bell Behavior and Video Mailbox" section and check that the Basic Settings section at the top is pre-populated for you. If you have blank settings the auto setup has not been run (see the DoorStation Part II User Guide for info on how to run this).


The basic setup is to use the built in SIP server/registrar on the DoorStation. If you have a third party PBX then the installation can vary greatly depending on your PBX type. We are ONLY covering using the internal PBX capability on the DoorStation in this guide.

The DoorStation runs a SIP registrar (simple PBX) on port UDP/5061. Both the SIP-T49G and the DoorStation act as clients & register to this service with spearate usernames/passwords/extention numbers etc... That way they can both call each others extension numbers to communicate, the DoorStation will auto answer as an intercom & the SIP-T49G can either dial the cameras extension number or as in this example we are telling the phone to autodial the camera upon going off-hook (a.k.a. hotline).

First check the SIP registrar "Admin>>Audio and VoIP Telephony>>SIP Server Settings".  The service should be enabled & there will be an account for the DoorStation to use, you'll want to set up another for the new video phone, in our example this is 200. 

Note there is a * at the beginning of the SIP address / extension number. For autodial/hotline to operate on the SIP-T49G remove this so that the SIP address is simply 201.

Next configure the internal SIP client on the DoorStation. Navigate to "Admin>>SIP Client Settings" change the Setup Mode to "Expert"

If you have run the auto config you should already have an entry for 201 if not then you may need to run auto config again (make a full config backup first!!!!)

Note that we have also removed the * symbol from the User Name field as per the previous step.

There are some other settings you may want to also check regarding the on screen display, bitrate of the video feeds etc in this section but the defaults should work for you without too much adjustment. Mess with that later if you want or need to. You can check you client status in the "SIP Client: Messages, Calls, Status' & this should show as 201 registered.

Call handling - Inbound to the DoorStation from the SIP-T49G

Choose an action for inbound phone calls to 201. In this example we are going to auto answer & go to intercom mode:

Call handling - Outbound from DoorStation to SIP-T49G

Now we tell the DoorStation what to do when the Bell Button is pressed. First set up an outbound call profile under "Admin>>Outgoing Calls Settings"

In this example we are calling the SIP-T49 extension number 200.

Lastly make the new call profile 'call_1' a target for when the bell button is pressed. Navigate to "Admin>>Bell Behavior and Video Mailbox" add the new call profile into the 'Remote Stations for Door Station section.

Save your settings.

SIP-T49G setup

Log into your handset web interface & enter all the account details. Note the 'Register Status' message at the top should switch to 'Registered' after you save these settings.

You can now test a call to the DoorStation by dialing 201 (send), the Doorstation should auto answer. 

A nice value add is to configure auto dialing when ever the handset is lifted *(or speaker button pressed) which means no training or buttons to press for the end customer. 

Lower the hotline delay to your requirements, for immediate dialing reduce to 1 second.

Save & you can now test. Pressing the Bell Button should initiate a call to your SIP-T49G. Answering the call you will be presented with a small video frame that expands out after a few seconds of live comms.

To open a configured gate the DTMF code is 1#. Lighting is 2#. The digits will appear on the screen as you type them however if this is undesired you can switch this of as well by settings the 'Suppress DTMF display' feature to enabled. Go to "Features>>General Information" to set this parameter.