For those placing orders for the new AF-11FX, some simple info on making sure you order the correct model numbers.


Because the AF-11FX is a very high performance radio, the duplexer frequency range needs to be more precisely tuned compared to lower quality radios.  So there's a High Band duplexer and Low Band duplexer model depending on your license. The SKU's with distributors will be


AF-11FX-L  (AF-11FX Radio with one Low Band Duplexer)

AF-11FX-H  (AF-11FX Radio with one High Hand Duplexer)


For MIMO (dual polarity) links, you will also need to order a 2nd duplexer.  The 2nd duplexer must obviously match the first. The duplexer can quickly be changed so ordering additional duplexers can give you total flexibility for future links.


AF-11FX-DUP-L  (Just the Low Band Duplexer)

AF-11FX-DUP-H  (Just the High Band Duplexer)



Below is a simple chart to determine which radio model you need to order.  And for MIMO links, which 2nd duplexer you need to order.