Most of the 900MHz frequencies in NZ are privately owned so care must be taken to make sure that local laws are not broken. 

On Ubiquiti 900MHz platforms under the wireless settings enable 'channel shifting' and select 922MHz with a 8MHz channel on low TX power 20dBm or below.  

NOTE: Best for non line of site is 3MHz channel width on 922MHz will give you about ~10Mbps.

Maximum output:

915 – 920MHz 1 Watts EIRP
920 – 928MHz 4 Watts EIRP

Failure to adhere to this frequency & output restriction could result in being prosecuted.

Ubiquiti have FCC certification which is required for NZ use, but the current private spectrum owners apparently do not use any filtering because in their view they own the spectrum therefore shouldn't need it so we recommend leaving a guard band of 3 -5MHz if you are near a cell tower. The advice is keep away from 915MHz as far as you can.