Sometimes in a home or small office environment a device such as a Google Chromecast may need to be accessed or cast to by users or visitors on a guest network.  These users are to have no access to the rest of the LAN.  The following method is a simple option to provide that restricted access to guest users.

For this setup it is expected that there will be a regular WLAN and a Guest WLAN created for the configured site and assigned to UAPs as required.

Join the Chromecast to the main WLAN, HOME WIFI in this example.  Assign a static IP address to the Chromecast.

On the guest network apply guest policies and disable the block of WLAN multicast and broadcast traffic.

Under guest control add the static IP address of the Chromecast to the Pre-Authorisation Access list.  You can add multiple Chromecasts with static IP addresses into that access list if you have more than one.

Your guest users should then be able to find and cast to the shared Chromecast devices.

More Information

A best practice guide for securing a Chromecast or Google Home using a different method requiring other Unifi component is also available from Ubiquiti: