Vigor Routers, including 130, 2760, 2762, 2860, 2862 and 2926 support the Ethernet OAM function since firmware version 3.8.5 and the Ethernet OAM function is on by default.

This generally works well however we received WAN connection problem reports with some Vigor2926 where there are intermittent drops of traffic, you can replicate this by simply pinging the WAN port over a period of time and seeing higher than normal packet drops. Direct connecting to the WAN port with a service laptop/PC the problem disappears.
Draytek have found that turning off the OAM function on Vigor2926 can resolve the problem but as yet they are not sure what causes this connection failure sinceit seems to occur on some specific networks only.

CLI command = ethoam dot3ah status -s off

If you meet a similar WAN connection issue, please help us to collate information on this issue when you try this command and report back to us the problem with the following information:

  • WAN packets of Vigor2926
    • e.g. screenshot of some constant ping packets so that we could see the problem
  • The ISP name
  • Does turning off OAM function solve the connection problem or not?

We will then be able to supply this info upstream to Draytek to assist in their diagnosis of the possible cause of this problem.