Device or program is not able to respond to your request through current path because port x is being used by another process. How do I find what process is using port x?


To check if there is another service using port x right now (e.g. Skype), and change the setting in that program to release port 80. Below are the steps to find the service:


  1. Please click on "Windows Start" (Windows-Logo) , then enter "cmd.exe" in the run box and execute it.

  2. Input the command “netstat -a -o -b”. (or netstat -na | find “8080”). You will be provided with the ports in use and the services using them. Find the Local Address that has taken port x, and the PID number.   

  3. Press down “ctrl”+ “alt” + “Delete” keys to bring up Windows Task Manager. Select “View”, and then “Select columns”, and enable the “PID (Process Identifier)” to appear on search results. Please also make sure “Show process from all users” is enabled.   

  4. On Task Manager Process tab, locate the PID number of the service using port 80. The service name is shown under “Image Name” column.