Below is a sample dial plan for NZ on Grandstream HTxxx ATA devices.


{111|[2-9]xxxxxx|0[3,4,6,7,9][0-9]xxxxxx|0210xxxxxxx|021[1-2]xxxxxx|021[3-9]xxxxx|02[0,2,7,9]xxxxxxx|028[0,1,3,4,5,6,7]xxxxxx|028[2,8,9]xxxxxxx|0240xxxxxx|024[1-9]xxxxxxx|0508xxxxxx|12 = 0800xxxxxx|0900xxxxx|026[1-3]xxxxx|0264xxxxxx|[0,1]xx|017[0,2]}


Please note this string may, or may not be fully complete for all NZ regional number plans. If there are additional number plans that need to be added for full NZ compatibility please share via so we can add to the above template. If you want we'll add your name to this article for some kudos  ;)