1) The unit can be powered by 12v or 802.3af POE.  Note POE input is on the WAN port.

2) Access the webui via the LAN ports at using password "admin".

3) In default mode, the unit is in AP mode so click on "Wizard" to start setup of "Repeater" mode.

4) In Repeater wizard setup you can use "Scan AP" to find the source AP you want to use and then enter the password of the AP.

5) The unit will then reboot.  You then need to enable the wireless mode to enable the repeater.  Click on "wireless settings" to enable

6) Change "Wireless status" to "on", set same SSID as source AP, set encryption and password key.

7) Click on "apply" and you are all done.  The unit will reboot and act as a repeater.